Christ Lutheran School

Small class sizes. Big hearts. Limitless futures.


Christ Lutheran School is committed to developing each child to his/her potential. Because each child is a unique creation of God, ourcurriculum is designed to meet individual learning requirements. And, programs are available to accommodate gifted and talented children as well as those diagnosed with specific learning needs. All our custom papers for college are designed around quality and excellence, that we may provide the best possible education within a positive and nurturing Christian learning environment.

Beginning in preschool, three and four-year-old children are introduced to the exciting world of learning. These young students engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that promote social learning and build foundations for the future. Students in kindergarten through third grade focus on the basic skills of math, reading, and writing, while those in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades continue their growth in academic areas, fine tuning study skills and self-regulation in learning. An academically rigorous junior high program readies CLS graduates for success in any Little Rock high school, public or private.  CLS graduates consistently score in the top 25 percent on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

Each day, students are instructed in the word of God. Subjects are taught from a Christian perspective, with God’s teachings being woven into the school day.  Each Wednesday, the CLS family gathers for worship. Special projects give children experience with service learning and teach the importance of sharing with others.

From preschool through eighth grade, students are engaged with activities in art, technology, library, physical education, and music. Many robust activities build a strong CLS family in order that students may grow and learn to love their Savior, other people, and themselves.

If anything is excellent or praiseworthly, think on these things.  Philippians 4:8